I really loved doing this Fashion Style makeover and seeing the transformation in Hilary with her head to toe makeover!  She was radiant and had so much confidence as she understood her best Fashion Styles and colours which made her look more youthful!    Hilary’s style of clothing needs to be in the clinging knits, to accent her good slim legs and hipline, rather than wearing heavy cottons which created too much bulkiness and usually were oversized for her.

I began by taking by completing a lifestyle and work consultation to determine her needs, her budget and all that she wanted to accomplish.  Then I took her measurements and completed her Ideal Silhouette to tell what her body & proportions and best clothing lines and designs are for her to enhance her best features and minimize her problem areas.    Then I created Hilary’s Personal YIS Shopping Guide Booklet with diagrams of her ‘Superior’,  ‘Acceptable’ styles, her ‘Classics’ timeless outifts, and which styles t ‘Avoid’ – so her shopping choices are made super easy for her now!!   This customized Shopping Guide Booklet shows Hilary exactly which styles and lines of clothing pieces to try on and which ones to not even take off the rack!  She saves time, energy and money with the wardrobe plan I created for her!

Her Ideal Silhouette Shopping Guide shows her best choices to flatter and enhance her figure, with diagrams of clothing items with the best choices of styles and lines to choose.  Her Superior choices will hide the areas she wants to minimize!  The best colour selections for Hilary’s wardrobe are high contrasting colours, in cool,  jewel tones such as sapphire blue, ruby red, blue reds, emerald greens, royal purple, with pure white or black accents.  These all bring out her complexion skin tone, creating a vibrant look to her skin, hair and eyes.  Also for her hair – we coloured it in cool undertones to cover the grey and accent her overall dramatic look and personal style.  All these changes enhanced her body shape and slenderized her figure, and brought back a lively colouring to her Cool, Elegant Winter Seasonal palette.  This new makeup look, hairstyle and colour, all work together to tie in the new wardrobe in her best colours and styles that suit her proportions and give her a beautiful figure!

Hilary’s now ready with her new, professional attire and yet is very comfortable, feeling confident in knowing she looks her very best!