Queen Esther School of Beauty, Excellence, Leadership and Modeling

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The Queen Esther School is dedicated to raise young women leaders for such a time as this. Mission Raising women leaders-for a time such as this. The Queen Esther Finishing School of Excellence is dedicated to helping girls discover their…

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The Queen Esther School is dedicated to raise young women leaders for such a time as this.


Raising women leaders-for a time such as this. The Queen Esther Finishing School of Excellence is dedicated to helping girls discover their own leadership skills and to use the greatness they discover within to help transform the world around them.

– Personal Nail Care, Fingernail Artistry-learn how to do your own and your friends, Coloured Gel Nails, Manners, Table Settings and Etiquette, Sewing, Fashion, Shopping, Modeling, Leadership and more!Founder and curriculum developer Colleen Kosti is a master at building esteem-refine personal image & build life purpose through QE Finishing School workshops and classes. Send a young woman for polish and refinement to build her confidence and and know-how! THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE…
As a parent, you sense that the amount of time your children spend watching TV and playing DS is having detrimental effects, but you feel ill equipped to fight against the inevitable. At the Queen Esther School of Excellence we stress personal improvement, spiritual guidance, youth leadership, along with mentorship & skill development in;
~ Mentoring in good character, positive friendships & servant leadership.
~ Manicuring & nail artistry, inner & outer beauty, grooming, poise and wardrobe to enhance personal body type and create modesty with style.
~ Health self esteem, confidence, friendship, conversation skills, and public speaking.
~ How to shop and dress for your body type, personal style and best colours maximizing your best features and minimizing problem areas.
~ Girls learn to embrace their own unique individuality and enhance their natural beauty and size. 

As children go about their day, attend school, and consider the future these are the skills that last a lifetime and can open doors of opportunity.


Queen Esther came from humble circumstances to become one of the most celebrated Queens of her day. While Queen, she used her leadership ability to courageously intervene on behalf of her people and rescue them from tragedy. 

APPLY TODAY!  Begins FALL 2014 – 6 monthly WORKSHOPS – with weekly drop-in to perfect and practice skills with positive friendships, in a safe and confident building environment!  Professional Grace & Beauty Instructors, positive peer mentors – the latest in beauty, manners, conversation and leadership skills.  
Windsor, Ontario Canada location QES will be the 4th Saturday of each month – afternoon from 1 – 4 pm – with weekly drop-ins Tuesdays-Thursdays 4:00 pm – 5:15 or 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

There is a $20 application processing fee. Upon completion of your application you will be provided with the details on how you can use PayPal to pay this fee from your own PayPal account or you may use your credit card.  You will upload a video of why you wish to be a role model of excellence as you submit your application online. 

Your application will be reviewed only after receipt of the processing fee and you will be notified of your acceptance by end of the month you have applied in.

Upon acceptance, models will be eligible for the training program, and modeling for the show itself will be dependent on consistent model training session attendance. Successful completion only, of the Finishing School Model of Excellence program makes the model eligible to participate in the 2014 ‘REAL BEAUTY-REAL MODEL’ FASHION SHOW at a location to be announced. Please carefully review the calendar of training sessions and be prepared to participate before you apply.

The Queen Esther’s Finishing School investment fee for accepted model applicants is $1795.   This includes all materials, shopping spree, swag beauty and nail bags, food, trips.  Applications are accepted year round but deadline for the 2014-2015 QES Fashion show is December 15th, 2014.  

The investment fee covers the expenses associated with the six-months of training: keepsakes that each model receives during the QE training, such as nail & artistry kit, personal grooming kits, photo shoot, GNO retreat , 2 weeks of afternoon Summer Camp, 2 tea party luncheon tickets, QE Model of Excellence book, venue rentals, speaker stipends, shopping spree, sewing project, fashion show rehearsals and snacks. Please see the complete description of the program in our Queen Esther’s Finishing School Model of Excellence outline.

Payment is due upon receipt of the emailed acceptance letter, payable via credit Card by phone, online by PayPal or check made payable to Spirit of Excellence. $45 NSF fee may be added onto any returned checks – complete payment is due before session begins.

Online QES is $699 registering alone or discounted by $50 per girl that group registers together to be hosted from the same online location. 

for payment options visit: http://queenesthersfinishing.com/course_details.php?id=112